Informed Design empowers a different look at whole systems.

PIVOT has always been about great design. What sets us apart is our approach – Informed Design is a people-centric, organic approach that consistently gets results

At PIVOT, we take the time to learn about and understand you and your users. We create space for learning and critical thinking. We look at the big picture and we look at the details too. We ask the right questions of the right people. Then we bring everything together, so that we can create the ideal design solution.

Design is made more powerful through in-depth research. PIVOT’s Informed Design approach allows us to take you from the problem to learning and understanding the issues to a real solution.

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Our Informed Design Methodology



Explore - Observe - Learn - Understand - Define

Tangible and real needs inform the design. With this grounded insight, rather than with assumptions, we can interpret the data and then translate the findings into usable design information — we call this Design Evidence™.



Translate - Create - Iterate - Validate

Time to incubate. Time to brainstorm. Time to dream. Time to ideate viable solutions. Concepts are tested with actual users so that we are constantly learning and gathering useful feedback to strengthen the design strategy.



Launch - Evolve

At last we deliver. Whether digital UX design, brand design, or service design the Informed Design process helps make meaningful impact.

Design Evidence™ is the key driver of our success.

With a scientific, design research approach, all of the Discover outcomes come together to form what we call Design Evidence™. This evidence is used to help the design team make informed decisions about the outcomes in the Deliver phase.

Ultimately, It brings us all — clients, designers, and audiences — closer to more meaningful outcomes.

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