StableView TECH17: Branding Canada’s Only Curated Tech Conference


StableView Asset Management



Visual Design




As the only curated tech conference in Canada, StableView TECH17 is a unique event that gives investors and private and public companies an opportunity to meet and learn from each other during this annual day long event.

This event showcases the most innovative ideas, themes, and challenges in technology and the brand needed to capture those thoughts and inspirations in, not only a digital space, but translated into a physical location.


Visually striking and unpredictable for a conference of this industry, the TECH17 brand aimed to blend art with technology, with finance to inspire its audience and provoke out of the box thinking within the Canadian tech industry.


TECH17 was the largest event to date with:

  • 519 Registered Attendees
  • 24 Presenting companies
  • ~$300B AUM in audience

Twitter Impact

  • 111 Tweets
  • 47,832 total impressions
  • 650 impressions per/day

Linkedin Impact

  • 45 Posts with graphics
  • 11,936 total impressions

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