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We design
better experiences.

PIVOT is a strategic experience design agency in Toronto. We create exceptional digital products, innovative services and gratifying experiences that brighten people’s day and improve their lives.

PIVOT’s experience design is a mix of empathy, intuition and ideas. Our approach takes you further, exceeding client expectations by satisfying the needs of our users and growing their business value. Through our transformative Informed Design process, we partner with our clients and their users to co-design engaging experiences with the power to enrich people’s lives.


User Experience Design

Our UX design process creates a better way for organizations and businesses to understand their users. Through UXD, we create digital products and services that uplift people’s personal experiences with more rewarding emotional connections in their daily lives.

Learn about PIVOT's UXD

Service Design

PIVOT’s service design helps our clients manage their organizations’ resources more effectively. This means they can upgrade their services, improve employee experiences, and create more engaging customer experiences by designing a fully functional holistic system.

A holistic perspective through Service Design

Brand Design

Having a brand that stands out makes all the difference. PIVOT’s brand design lets businesses and organizations be bold. And make a powerful statement about who they are, promoting their products and ensuring they stay competitive and profitable. Great brand design keeps them in the spotlight and lets them build customer loyalty.

Create more rewarding brand experiences

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Pivot team. You are smart, strategic, flexible and strike a great balance between meeting client needs while staying grounded in informed design.”

— VP Marketing & Public Affairs, ALS Canada

The Company We Keep


Bringing the community together to empower and enhance the influence of design.

This Pivot initiative is a thought leadership event platform for diverse design professionals looking to share experiences, express points of view and explore new avenues for design solutions to improve the quality of our everyday life. Since we began in 2010, topics have included: Sustainability, Climate Action, User Experience, Healthcare and Wellness, Fintech, and the list keeps growing.

What's Important to Us

Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness

DEI is our centerpiece. We place high value on the roles different cultures and ethnicity play in our work. Just as we recognize the distinctive individual contributions and collaborative group dynamics that define the creative process.

Circularity in Design

Circularity and circular design powers the growth of the circular economy. Perpetually regenerative by design, it’s a totally circular system where waste is “designed out” by intelligent design and its affinity to nature.


PIVOT is a proud member of the community where we live and work. We’re dedicated to looking out for our neighbours and for promoting the local organizations, causes and activities that have a nurturing influence on everything that happens here.