In 2010, we began an organization called DesignMeets whose sole purpose was to provide events — meet-ups, really — for designers from different disciplines. At any given event we had graphic designers, industrial designers, interior designers, etc. You name it and someone from that design profession was there. We had great success with these types of events because each event theme was unique and offered a variety of speakers to draw the attention of our audiences. From Toronto to Waterloo and Ottawa to Montreal we helped organize 11 events in just about a year and a half.

So now, far from taking a break, we want to take it further. We want to open it up to other industries and meet with other professionals to grow the strength of our Canadian design industry. Let’s open it up and mix it up even more.

Find out about our event listings for 2013 and read more about this initiative here.

Email us at to see how you can get involved and run your own DesignMeets mixer in your city.


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