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Engaging our partners and collaborators in the experience of design.

Our Studio

Pivot Design Group is one of Toronto’s leading strategic experience design and communications studios. We specialize in design research, experience design and strategic visual design, creating real quality solutions for our clients. Since we were founded more than 20 years ago, our studio has evolved its own distinctive experience design brand, balancing creativity, critical analysis and intuitive thinking through the lens of research and design.

Over its history, PIVOT has successfully concluded more than 2,000 projects with innovative design solutions for over 300 clients in government and assorted businesses in Canada’s private sector.

Our Team

We take a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to all our client projects. Our designer team is involved in every aspect of the project, bringing the benefit of a fresh, “outside-in” perspective to the discussion, where we act as a filter for the analysis and learnings.

Ian Chalmers, RGD

Principal & Creative Director

I like to collect technology artifacts to understand the story behind why it fits into peoples lives and how it changes the way we live and work. Also, I wear rose-coloured glasses.

Torey Taferner

Client Relations Director

My favourite thing about User Experience Design is... its remarkable ability to influence human behaviour.

Iffat Jokhio, RGD

Experience Designer & Researcher

My favourite thing about User Experience Design is... that you're always learning. The process enables a taste of new perspectives which, when savoured, can be a crazy, fulfilling thing.

Kate Caldwell

User Experience Researcher

In my opinion, Design is... dangerous. So do it well.

Rob Tait

Brand & Content Strategist

My favourite thing about User Experience Design is... that it makes things simple but significant.

Brenda Little, RGD

Experience Designer

In my opinion Design is... at the very least, a tool that shapes and informs the world around us. Good design brings beauty and order into our lives, and great design can bring surprise and joy!

Lauren Levy

Experience Designer

I am... a designer by day and an acrylic painter by night.

Dave Brennan

Experience Designer & Developer

I have a thousand unfinished projects.

Melvyn Loa


You had me at "View Source". My favourite thing about User Experience Design is... you.

Cassandra Gonzales

Visual Designer

But you can call me Cassie. In my opinion, Design is... a creative way to share your vision with the world. Also, I love puns. Specifically food puns.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Pivot team. You are smart, strategic, flexible and strike a great balance between meeting client needs while staying grounded in informed design.”

— VP Marketing & Public Affairs, ALS Canada

The Company We Keep


Bringing the community together to empower and enhance the influence of design.

This Pivot initiative is a thought leadership event platform for diverse design professionals looking to share experiences, express points of view and explore new avenues for design solutions to improve the quality of our everyday life. Since we began in 2010, topics have included: Sustainability, Climate Action, User Experience, Healthcare and Wellness, Fintech, and the list keeps growing.

ARCTRN translates data into meaningful, actionable stories.

Leveraging the emerging discipline of data visualization, ARCTRN harnesses data to empower participation in and understanding of data. We apply a user-centred approach to the process of uncovering the human stories and actionable insights inherent in data.