In 1993, documentary filmmaker Amy Bodman traveled to Zimbabwe ‘to make a film about land as a living entity’. Over the past 8 months, Pivot has worked with Amy to create posters, film title cards, and a DVD package to house the film itself and the extra sequences.

“Quietly told through the voice of Zimbabweans, The Limits Of What We Know documents the changing landscape of Zimbabwe and its people’s relationship to it. Part travel log, part environmental study and part meditation on life itself, the film reveals nature’s mysterious tenacity in the face of great change. Although the film initially appears to be a portrait of Zimbabwe, The Limits Of What We Know culminates as a heart-felt picture of our changing world as it struggles to compensate for the ever-increasing dominance of the human race.”

Our aim was to understand the delicate narratives in the documentary in order to help tell an underlying story about the process involved in making the film. So, each designed piece was created as both a monument and representation to the history and people of the land, and an homage to the (almost) 15 years of dedication it took to make the film.

Winner of the 2008 Technicolour Cinematic Vision Award at the Images Festival in Toronto and nominee for Best Non-Fiction Feature at the Vancouver International Film Festival, we’re proud to announce that The Limits of What We Know is now available for purchase! Contact Amy at for more details.

Amy will be holding a release party at the Side Space Gallery at 1080 St. Clair West on May 19th at 7pm where she will be doing a live commentary for a portion of the film. Hope to see you there!


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