This year for our area (Zone C) the goal for the works was to: “reference and evoke repetition and emotion, recognizing the power of memory and re-enactment.” Though we weren’t on the official Nuit Blanche event map, we thought we would take the opportunity to make use of our prime real estate along King Street and do a little contemporary art experimentation with our windows.


We were toying with the idea of your heart being always “on” — it’s always working while you live and breathe. On the other hand you’ve got your brain, or your “active mind” and how we all have active and not-so-active moments. These two, the heart and the brain, are constantly working, but they’re also working to their own rhythms. The “ON” lights were going on and off to a random rhythm and was tied to the projection to symbolize memory. Then the red lights in our windows were pulsating to the rhythm of a heartbeat. The idea was to allow viewers to approach the building and watch to see when the lights were ON at the same time to see when both heart and mind were “in sync”.

Here’s a short video of the end result. Let’s see what next year’s theme will inspire us to do…

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