After a successful DesignMeets… Public Policy event in Ottawa, now it’s time to hear what Toronto has to say about our public policy, and how we can engage the design process.

Around the world, progressive governments are embedding design principles in the foundations of their public policy and service delivery. Design-led approaches are being recognized for bringing citizen-centred perspectives and innovation to complex government challenges. While examples are mounting of how design is being used to help build a stronger economy and improve everyday life, what’s happening in Canada?

In this follow-up to the Ottawa event earlier this month, this DesignMeets will shed light on how our cities and country are — or could be — using design as a process to drive innovation from informing public policy to improving government service delivery. With events in Ottawa and Toronto, we hope to take a progressive step towards better understanding, and ultimately engaging in furthering design’s role in government.


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DesignMeets is about bringing together Canadian designers from a variety of disciplines. The events engage designers in an open forum to exchange ideas and improve our design industry so that we may build stronger relationships with business.

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