Check out these totally awesome candle holders by Collective Paper Aesthetics (CPA). Based on Buckminster Fuller’s Octet Truss, the combination of tetrahedrons and octahedrons form one pretty darn sturdy structure.

“Nature’s simplest structural system in the universe is the tetrahedron. The regular tetrahedron does not fill all-space by itself. The octahedron and tetrahedron complement one another to fill all space. Together they produce the simplest, most powerful structural system in the universe . . . ” (Inventions, The Patented Works of Buckminster Fuller, 1983)

Actually the entire CPA blog is dedicated to Fuller’s octet trusses. It began as an installation for the London Festival of Architecture in 2008 and was a “participatory activity in the construction of toys, household accessories and visual merchandising. The idea was that by using one paper lattice you could fold it and create modular units. The units, when grouped, can create any number of forms and structures with unlimited applications.

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The Confusions candle holder series comes in an aluminum or metal finish and are meant to be folded into their modular shape before use.

(Photos from Sub-Studio blog and Collective Paper Aesthetics)

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