Mark it in your calendars peeps! On June 15th, DesignMeets is coming back to T.O.

In an age when twitter, facebook, tumblr and other social media avenues are becoming part of the norm of how we communicate, how does this affect us as designers of things and spaces? Do we communicate better or just differently?

Portrait of Marshall McLuhan by Yousuf Karsh. Copyright the Estate of Yousuf Karsh, California-feature
One of the most charismatic, controversial and original thinkers of our time whose remarkable perception propelled him onto the international stage, Marshall McLuhan is universally regarded as the father of communications and media studies and prophet of the information age.



McLuhan coined the term the Global Village in the 60s, but how is it that his predictions and statements still hold true today? How does this concept of the Global Village apply to us in our world now?

To commemorate McLuhan’s centenary, we ask local architects, landscape architects, interior designers, fashion designers, industrial designers, and graphic designers in the Toronto area to come out and join the discussion when Design Meets Social Consciousness.

Find out more about this DesignMeets event and RSVP here.

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