Entrepreneurs, self-starters, and risk-takers are constantly launching new ideas and services in the hopes of gaining audiences and investors. These “doers” are a critical part of our economic and innovation engine and a big part of the reinvention of the Canadian design & technology marketplace.

The biggest challenge for these idea starters is the viability and sustainability of the new business. How do we know this is a good idea? How do we know if it will have relevance? How do we know if it will work?

In our DesignMeets…Start-Up’s event, we invite entrepreneurs, designers and start-up teams to join us and discuss their start-up business journey past, present and future. Let’s see how others have involved design people, design processes and design thinking into their start-up businesses. What were the learned experiences—the tough decisions, the sacrifices and the financial realities—that could be shared to help other start-ups succeed sooner.

Register and read more about the event at designmeets.ca

DesignMeets is about bringing together Canadian designers from a variety of disciplines. The events engage designers in an open forum to exchange ideas and improve our design industry so that we may build stronger relationships with business.

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