DesignMeets is an idea whose time has come. It was originally conceived as a meeting place for people from different backgrounds and diverse points of view in Toronto’s design community to get together every so often and share their ideas. A social platform for presenting different visions of design, creative thinking and shaping sustainable design solutions for everyday life.

Since our first gathering back in November 2010, DM has grown from humble beginnings. We’ve found our place as one kind of incubator for developing creative ideas and building consensus for the future of our design community. As our name suggests, DM is all about empowering people because we think it’s our greatest resource and the source of next generation thinking. Unlike many of the other events and forums in the design world out there, DM draws on the human dimension and taps into the power of ideas that people can best share when in the right setting. We are all about collaboration. All about listening, sharing and connecting with like minds to creative and productive effect. That’s the DM philosophy.

From those early sessions, when DM was really a forum for designers to meet and chat over a drink, we’ve grown up and got ambitious. And, in the process, our events have become more elaborate, sophisticated and rewarding. Today, almost 10 years later, a typical DM event has a lot going for it. It has leading industry names as keynotes, experienced workshop moderators leading group discussions and multiple networking opportunities for people to connect with colleagues casually, over a drink. Some things never change! All of these elements have a single objective – to create the ideal conditions for advancing discussion around design. Sharing information, soliciting different points of view, and pushing the boundaries of our thinking and understanding. Today, DM events are not to be missed. They are well organized, thoughtfully planned and with every successive event – we usually put them on twice annually – attended by an ever growing number of people.

DM is the place where great ideas come to grow. Be a part of the experience. Come to our events, meet your colleagues, and join in the conversation.

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