At Pivot we always do our best to give back to the community when we can, but this week we are especially proud of our work with Rebuild Your Community (RYC). Featured on several news articles this week, over the past several months we have been working closely with John Cowie and team over at RYC — providing them with design and user experience expertise we’re excited to be launching the revamped site and mobile app in the coming weeks.

RYC is a social network of concerned citizens with a desire for change within communities around the world.

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See a pothole on your street? Shoot a photo and upload it to RYC. A tracker is issued and a message is sent directly to the city official responsible for taking care of the issue. Then keep an eye on the progress of the issue, discuss it with the e-community and watch it get resolved!

RYC is an opportunity for people to come together and make their communities a better place with the city. Download the app and read the article on: Global News and more…


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