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We are excited today to be “pushing the button” to launch our new website. This launch represents more than just an updated website. It is the reflection of our newly articulated informed design process, our design team’s passion for design research, and our vision of how we see ourselves moving forward in the next few years.

In the past, we designed projects without a complete knowledge of why we were making certain creative choices, or what purpose these would serve. While those designs may have been beautiful, they at times failed to meet the complete needs of the end user. As a result of this realization, Pivot has evolved and is now applying a more rigorous research process that occurs before any of the visual design gets put into play. Our approach involves people throughout every phase of the design process and therefore helps our designers gain deeper insight and a more cohesive understanding of the project, its goals, and its potential impact in the marketplace.

Design Research is an approach that delves deeply into the “why” of design. It is about an in depth view — looking at real people in real contexts, cultures, and markets. It is not solely about aesthetics. We have moved to replace one-way persuasion with two-way dialogue in order to meet the goal of creating better customer experiences.

Ian pics for display

Pivot’s informed design process is about creating meaningful design for people: the organization, the customer, and the designer. This forward-thinking process focuses on improving product and/or service efficacy for an organization’s intended audience. Informed design is about adding value to our work. It builds discussion within the community and advocates for design by allowing our professionals to be directly involved in the research and understanding phase. Informed design is about strengthening the work of designers in order to create stronger and more sustainable design solutions.

This new site launch is the start of something big. It’s the start of building a stronger community and a more informed design sensibility. We are excited about the upcoming year and we look forward to working with you!

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