Started in 2010, #hcsmca is a vibrant community of people interested in exploring social innovation in healthcare. Every week, #hcsmca hosts tweet chats and yesterday evening, Pivot was invited to be subject matter experts on design in healthcare.

From our experience working within healthcare, we knew there was a need to discuss audience and users in social innovation. So we framed this week’s chat topic on ‘Design to connect with your audience’ and asked “How do you identify your audience/users? How does understanding them help inform your design? How can you involve your users in co-design and social innovation?”

We had patients, caregivers, patient advocates, healthcare professionals, not-for-profit health organizations, educators and designers participate in the conversation. Everyone was energetic and there were many great ideas and thoughts being shared.

Here are some sound (tweet) bites:


Putting yourself into the shoes of your audience key. See the world through their eyes; that will shape where to go. #design #hcsmca


our audience may be everyone, but understanding their unique scenarios of use is key #hcsmca


Important to include varied caregivers in design process- social workers, PSWs provide diff. perspectives on what clients may want #hcsmca


Ask users to share stories about what works, what they like, good experiences. Less formal. Storytelling is more comfortable. #hcsmca


Sometimes people with gem of info are those who may feel intimated or believe don’t have knowledge till asked personally #hcsmca #engage

To read more, download the full twitter transcript.

There was definitely a strong demand for discussing design in healthcare and social innovation. We hope to be back on #hcsmca and continue the conversations and ideas. In the meantime, follow us on @pivoting and let us know how you connect your audience to design.

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