We’ve all at one point or another been guilty of taking “too many” pictures of a moment or experience. Hey, with a smart phone pretty much always within arms reach it’s almost impossible not to snap that quick photo or two… or three. But how often do we look back at those photos that we take in the rush of the moment? Long gone are the days of pulling out photo albums with the family so when we do take photos, how do we attach more to them? How about remembering what was in your periphery or what happened behind you when you snapped the shot? How do we begin to make our photos meaningful again?

Well, we recently came across Stilla app — an app that lets you capture a photo from many angles so that you can record more of the memory behind the photo. Using the built-in iPhone gyroscope, Stilla lets you capture a few images and then piece them together in a sort of multi-dimensional snapshot of the moment.

From what we’ve seen so far, you get some pretty neat expressions of the moment. Not sure if this will solve the problem of “too many pictures” but it sure is a nice way to think outside the box when making memories of your photos.

Check out the Stilla app trailer below:

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