Commonly known as Hurricane Hazel, Mississauga’s mayor Hazel McCallion is celebrating her 90th birthday this week. Nevermind the fact that Hazel has been mayor for over 30 years, or the fact that the city has been debt-free since she was first elected. What’s amazing is the fact that she uses an iPad.

Hazel McCallion has been Mayor of Mississauga, Ontario since 1978. (photo by )

Yes, that’s right. At 90 years old, Hazel is going paper-less. As a politician, where the papers tend to pile up, she is forcing us to re-evaluate the norms. As a senior citizen, she is showing others that ‘getting with the times’ is not so difficult (in fact the seniors adoption rate for iPads is far higher than you’d think).

We say, way to go Mayor Hazel! You show ’em how it’s done.

A clip of Hazel using her iPad can be seen on CityTV’s Breakfast Television.

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