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Mental Health Awareness Month

May 18, 2023 2 minute read

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to learn about mental illness and reduce the stigma surrounding it. Mental illnesses are medical conditions that can affect a person's thoughts, emotions, moods, behaviours, self-esteem, ability to connect with others, and coping with stress.

People deal with mental health challenges in different ways, some experiencing bouts of illness in-between times when they’re at best, while for others, their mental health states remain unchanged. Life events can trigger mental illness, or it can occur without cause. People suffering from mental illness may have difficulty focusing, processing information, making choices, and behaving atypically, such as distancing themselves from others.

Mental Health Awareness Month is a chance for positive dialogue about how mental illnesses can affect people and to lessen anxiety around mental health. Candid conversations will help raise awareness that people with mental illnesses can live full lives and get the support they need and be fully involved in work, family life, and their communities.

Pivot Design has been working to create digital mental health products and services that can support populations across Canada—applying human and humanity-centred design methodologies; we’re helping to boost access to mental health resources and promote better mental health and equity outcomes for all.

As we continue to increase our understanding of mental health, let's not forget the importance of empathy, appreciation and support. And continue to have productive conversations about mental health and work together to build a more inclusive society where everyone has what they need to thrive.

Here are some of the mental health-related platforms we've worked on...

MOVIN: A Virtual Intervention Network to Treat Maternal Mental Illness

A gap in the system left space to reimagine how care is delivered to new and expectant mothers — making assessment and symptom monitoring more accessible, and allowing for earlier triage to the appropriate care.

Read the MOVIN Case Study

INSTEAD: Addressing the Burden of Addiction in the Service Industry

How might a digital application provide ease of access to treatment and therapy for hard-to-reach populations with a workplace culture that fosters the development of alcohol and drug addictions?

Read the INSTEAD Case Study

Hasu: Improving User Experience for an Online Therapy Platform

Hasu eCounselling is an online healthcare platform and mobile app that provides secure online video, phone and text counseling for individuals and their families struggling with the full spectrum of mental health issues. As Hasu expanded, they needed to shift from utilizing white-labeled software to their own proprietary platform that supported the unique needs and work flows of their patients and therapists.

Read the Hasu Case Study