In today’s crowded media environment, we’re all exposed to the same shapes, colours and designs. While it’s important to distinguish your brand from others, designing a unique logo isn’t always easy thanks to these similar spheres of influence. Across industries, and amongst companies big and small, Northern Irish design blogger David Airey profiles some of these look-alike logos on his “Logo Design Love” blog. Check them out here.

With the recent launch of American cable channel named Pivot TV, we too have a look-alike logo. Using a different font, Pivot TV has incorporated our “pivoting” ‘v’ into their logo design and new brand identity. We’ll take it as a compliment (hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery), but if they used our Informed Design process and did a landscape review, they may have discovered the following.

Pivot TV Homepage Photo
Pivot TV Homepage

So, without further ado, here’s a “designer take” on the Pivot TV logo.

Like us, Pivot TV uses the ‘v’ as a literal play-on-words. However, their ‘v’ is slightly wider than its surrounding characters. Ours is neither too wide nor too narrow and maintains balance in the visual display of the word.

The colours red and blue are used strategically in our logo. Not only do they work to tell the overall brand story — showing our balance of research and design — but they also help to lead the eye across the word. While Pivot TV’s shades of blue are cool and calming, the lack of contrast can be easily lost among the visually impaired.

We could go on, but how do you think our logos compare? Have you come across any look-alike logos? Comment below.

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