On August 1, 1998, in a historic building at the corner of King Street East and George, a Pivot was born, looking forward.

Twenty years ago, Jean Chretien was prime minister, Bill Clinton was president and 911 meant emergency service. Wayne Gretzky choked up when Team Canada lost to the Czech Republic at Nagamo. Google, founded that year, was a new web application called a search engine. The Goo Goo Dolls were at the top of the charts.

Although we have evolved over the years and learn constantly from our clients and peers, our process remains deeply rooted in our user-centred design (UCD) and design research philosophy, which seeks to unlock the value embedded in individuals’ collective experiences with companies, products and services.

Our core belief is that informed design methods improve quality of life and outcomes. For our clients, we leverage complex information, feedback and design research to create better products and services. We engage users early in the process to access previously unknown insights about the people, technology and environment linked to our clients. But our strategic approach is also informed by a commitment to openness, exploration, purposeful discovery and humour.

What was true in 1998 remains true today: Design is the articulation of understanding. As one client says: “What’s great about working with Pivot is they explore and provide so many options you never thought of before.”

Thank you to our partners past and present for trusting in our design service.

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