PIVOT has always been about Informed Design. That’s just who we are. Our work is textured with a rich understanding of those who interact with it and benefit from it. Our design outlook is a synthesis of the main elements in the human experience, harnessing them and making them better. This is Informed Design, our signature people-centric, philosophy — good things take time.

Informed  Design catalogues the conditions necessary for enabling a pivotal moment to occur – when people and their collective experiences can intersect with innovative design to deliver more meaningful real-life outcomes.

While others may rush to a solution, we take the time to follow a collaborative, design research approach to all of our projects. This user-centred design process factors in methods like field research, interviews,  experience mapping, and co-design so that our users are always at the point of our design decisions. With Informed Design, we’ve created rewarding user experiences for the past two decades by first taking the time we need to understand our audience, by asking the right questions, knowing how to observe, listen and learn what’s important.

Our creative growth comes from our ability to transform design research findings into design with meaning. We embark on the journey that will be the next 20 years with a critical look at our current research methodology to measure its effectiveness in meeting project goals and getting the results we’re looking for our clients. While our process has proven to be effective over the years, we are approaching our future roadmap as an opportunity for incremental change and evolution —  a healthy part of growth! We’re re-tooling our approach to put a greater emphasis on the design research phase of the Informed Design process — “taking it slow” — to create even more value, and even better results.

Piv’ot,  n. A central  point, the most  important thing in  a situation on which  other things depend on  in a system.

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