Pivot Design Group (“Pivot”), a leading strategic design and communications studio in Toronto, today introduced adjustments to its strategic Informed Design approach underlying its research-based design activities. Informed Design is Pivot’s signature process for providing user research that is the basis for a rich understanding of all facets of its inquiry. These adjustments offer a selection of virtual research methods for remote use when in-person interaction is unavailable.   

“Informed Design’s virtual toolkit guarantees a robust range of alternatives for conducting research and providing data for developing design insights and arriving at client solutions,” said Ian Chalmers, founder and creative director at Pivot. “Our remote research gathering capabilities and collaborative virtual client sessions are not only invaluable research tools for us at this time, they’re also an important element in Pivot’s overall seamless transformation to our virtual studio.”

Informed Design is a highly co-creative, research-driven activity that focuses on users in both design insights and creative thinking for imagining better life experiences. It is a series of investigative steps that synthesize empirical research and observation with qualitative insights to better connect users with products and services. 

Pivot’s Informed Design approach also has two supporting elements, user-centered design (UCD) and Design Evidence™, which are crucial to its ability to gather user experience. UCD is a holistic profile of the user looked at from every aspect and grounded in extensive user research. Through this collaborative, multidisciplinary research process comes Design Evidence™, a comprehensive knowledge base and definitive source document used for designing creative client solutions. This constitutes Pivot’s thorough understanding of the subject from the user perspective and the process for reaching creative quality user experience (UX), brand, and service design solutions for clients.

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About Pivot Design Group

Pivot Design Group is a leading Toronto strategic design and communications studio, specializing in design research, digital UX design, brand design and service design, creating real quality solutions for clients. Since its founding more than 20 years ago, Pivot has shaped its own brand of strategic design, balancing creativity, critical analysis and intuitive thinking through the lens of research and design.

Pivot Design is recognized by its signature Informed Design strategic approach that delivers consistently exceptional results for enhancing the health and well-being of people and organizations. Over its 20-year history, Pivot Design has successfully completed over 2,000 projects and delivered innovative design solutions to more than 300 clients in different sectors across the business spectrum. 

About Ian Chalmers

Ian Chalmers is the founder and Creative Director of Pivot Design Group. With over 25 years of experience, Ian is an acknowledged leader in the field of design and design research across the spectrum of business, healthcare, and academia. He views design as a strategic driver to enhance the health and wellbeing of people, services and organizations. His current focus is in the healthcare vertical, bringing a people-centric design research focus to the work Pivot creates for researchers, scientists, physicians, institutions. 

As the founder of DesignMeets, an industry forum for sharing ideas, his events have been a critical success with over 26 events staged with 4,500 attendees, 96 speakers, 36 themes held in four cities. Ian is a board member with the Association of Registered Graphic Designers and has also served on the Sheridan Bachelor of Interaction Design Program Advisory Committee at Sheridan College, and the George Brown School of Design, Design Management Program Advisory Committee at George Brown College.

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