Creating a one-of-a-kind Digital Clinical Pathway


Alberta Health Services & University of Calgary


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Information Architecture


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Visual Design

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Health care professionals use evidence-based clinical pathways to help them make accurate decisions to better manage their patients’ conditions. Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the University of Calgary (UofC) partnered with Pivot to create an easy-to-use, interactive pathway for diagnosing, managing and referring patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). This unique tool is one of the first of its kind designed solely for general practitioners to determine whether their patient needs to see a Nephrologist.


Catering to the Pathway’s various users, we recommended using two dedicated URLs.

  • appears on lab reports with abnormal results and instantly directs GPs to our diagnostic tool.
  • is where all other users can get to the Pathway

This approach allows not only healthcare professionals access to the appropriate content for their patient but also content owners the ability to track usage analytics.

The CKD Pathway is hosted on the AHS website so we designed the visual look-and-feel to fit their colour scheme. As an evidence-based healthcare tool, we needed to clearly show sources and information ownership. Including all of this information puts the site at risk of becoming too content heavy and visually dense. We worked around this by prioritizing information with strategic naming, hierarchy and by using bright colours where appropriate to lead the eye through the content so you see what’s relevant to you.


The CKD Pathway is the first of its kind in Canada and will become a benchmark for all future interactive clinical pathways.


See the digital pathway for yourself:

“Pivot listened and understood the needs of all our stakeholders (clinicians & decision makers). They were responsive, efficient and timely which ensured our project was completed on time and resulted in a website (online clinical tool) that is being used nationally!”

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