Infotility: An Educational and Supportive Infertility Treatment Companion App


Montreal Jewish General Hospital


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The research team at the Jewish General Hospital, led by Phyllis Zelkowitz, has long been engaged in issues arising from infertility treatment, and has done both qualitative and quantitative research into the concerns and needs of this patient population. They engaged with us to design a digital tool for patients navigating infertility treatment in a clinical setting.

We began with the research they had gathered to date, along with almost 100 pages of patient-facing educational information they had written. Most existing online infertility information is written in an academic and medical professional style, so for this new digital tool, it was important to frame and present the info around empathy and helpfulness, while maintaining the accuracy and reliability of the content.  

Topics to be covered in the digital tool included medical information, treatment options, and health and wellness. We were also tasked with incorporating a peer support chat function.


We worked with the research team at the JGH to create a system for the user to navigate to the information that was pertinent to their specific needs, with the understanding that each person/couple experiencing infertility would be going through different types and stages of treatment.

The content is organized into categories and subcategories under two umbrellas: Educational information, and Actionable information. Further, the content is separated by Male and Female directed content, all of which is accessible by both men and women.

Each “article” in the app is accompanied by a custom illustration which adds further clarity to some complex ideas.

When designing the visual style and “Infotility” logo, we wanted to create a look and feel that would resonate with both male and female users — staying away from the pinks and purples we found in the current marketplace.

The digital tool also features a complete glossary of terms along with a secure peer mentor forum where users can ask questions and take part in conversations with the Infotility community.



The app is not yet publicly available, but you can read more about it on the Infotility website, and in articles published by CBC News and the Montreal Gazette.