Building Awareness for new Dialysis Guidelines




Qualitative Research

User Interviews



Infographic Design



CANN-NET is a group of organizations in the kidney care network whose goal is to communicate the latest kidney research to physicians and patients alike. With the recent release of new clinical guidelines on when to go on dialysis, CANN-NET came to Pivot looking for finesse in design thinking to notify their audiences of the latest information.


User interviews and critical research became the focus of the “how” for this project. Strategic infographics were developed for each audience type to ensure the design and language would resonate.

For providers, the expert audience, the infographic was designed with a scientific and data-oriented look-and-feel. For patients, the infographic focused on communicating the journey of their decision-making process. Both infographics were designed to compliment eachother, so that a patient and provider could sit side by side and refer to the same content as part of a two0way dialogue.

Based on our research, both pieces were designed to emphasize patient-provider decision-making as a journey with choices and options to be considered along the way. By focusing on this journey, we were able to downplay old standards about when to start dialysis and draw attention to the new recommendations.

Along with the infographics (in both French and English), we helped CANN-NET establish a digital hierarchy for the website. A pediatric version of the patient infographic was created to make the new guidelines relevant to a wider audience.


Organizations such as the Kidney Foundation of Canada, the CSN and the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) were excited by our innovative information-sharing infographic solutions.

The provider-infographic was included in a CMAJ journal article about the new guidelines and the Kidney Foundation of Canada is using the patient infographic as part of a larger campaign for chronic kidney disease awareness across Canada.


See the infographic for the patient audience:

See the infographic for the healthcare provider audience: