Campaigning to
Increase Public Awareness of a Profession


Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA)


Qualitative Research

User Interviews & Personas


Brand Identity Design

Communication Materials

Content Strategy

Social Media Design

Information Architecture


Website Design



The Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) wanted to execute a 3-year national marketing campaign to raise awareness and knowledge of the profession of Athletic Therapy. The goal was to shift the perception of athletic therapists from “those who strictly deal with athletes” to “therapists who treat active Canadians.”  Pivot worked closely with CATA to build the overall campaign strategy and messaging, develop multiple assets and execute the plan.


We began our exploration by creating personas of the people we would be trying to reach with the campaign, and interviewing athletic therapists to better understand their world and their perspectives as to why athletic therapy wasn’t widely recognized. We also worked closely with CATA to develop the main messaging and visuals for the campaign.

Our research informed the decision to focus our efforts on creating a brand for athletic therapy itself and to push out stories and shareables from a website and social media channels dedicated to athletic therapy. All of the material would be written — with the user personas in mind — to help the general public understand how athletic therapy might help them, no matter what level of activity they hope to achieve.


The campaign launched at CATA’s annual national conference and was met with great enthusiasm by its members, who are thrilled to have a branded presence online they can identify with and share with their communities. The social channels quickly gained momentum, and within the first two weeks the campaign received 112 followers on Twitter, 416 on Facebook, and 1,646 impressions on Instagram; the campaign video garnered 1,475 impressions on Twitter and 5,300 views on Facebook.


The experience we’ve had so far has been excellent and, though launched only a month ago, we’ve seen positive results and engagement with the new Athletic Therapy-focused website, blog and social media strategies. Pivot has a strong discovery and design process and they took the time to really know and understand our stakeholders. The team members are collaborative, creative problem-solvers!

Executive Director Canadian Athletic Therapists Association