Visual Storytelling Articulates an Organizational Strategy


Canadian Partnership Against Cancer


Qualitative Research



Infographic Design



The Partnership needed explanatory materials to generate interest amongst policy makers and lay people. Their goal was to outline the organization’s objectives and outcomes for the next thirty years.


Using a proprietary method of storytelling, we distilled the info into manageable chunks of content. The final brochure was also designed to be a fold-out poster to target the Partnership’s various audiences and uses. As an overarching, strategic storytelling document the piece is used extensively by directorial staff in quick 5-min meetings and also in lengthier presentations at seminars to national healthcare audiences.

We worked collaboratively with the Partnership from start to finish to determine the very best way to present their unique story. Putting equal emphasis on English and French the final brochures were produced so that several were “French-up” for French speaking Canadians, but for ease of use the other language can always be found on the reverse. We also adapted the key information into a PowerPoint deck for increased usability by the Partnership.


The Partnership team have been so pleased with the outcome of the process that they continue to use this visualization as a benchmark for all future Partnership materials and design.

Also, beyond the functional success of the design, the overall look and feel has been adopted by the Partnership’s internal design team to guide the overall direction of the organization’s new brand look and feel.

“Pivot has a thoughtful and strategic approach to the design process that brought a great deal of value-added to this project. They took the time to understand our needs and were close collaborators as we worked through how to marry content and concept in a way that would resonate with the user. For me, this project was an excellent case study of design process at its best. It resulted in a compelling printed piece widely used by all areas of the organization to communicate with stakeholders about our organization, what we do, how we do it and why it’s important.”

Communications ManagerCanadian Partnership Against Cancer