Teaching key concepts in managing Type 1 Diabetes at school through video


Canadian Paediatric Society – Diabetes@School


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Visual Design

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How do you communicate complicated health concepts in a clear and engaging way?

The Canadian Pediatric Society found a need for a resource for teachers and school staff that will act as an accessible and efficient way of learning the key concepts that are necessary for dealing with students with type 1 diabetes at school.


This was a prime opportunity to use Pivot’s Informed Design Process to create a clear and informative motion video series aimed at educating school boards, educators and parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes in a light and down-to-earth way with bright colours, friendly voices, and imaginative animations that speak to the key target audiences. Over the course of 9 videos, audiences learn one key concept per video in daily classroom management, or what to do in an emergency situation.


The video series was launched across Canada in November 2017. All videos in the series are accessible in French and English to AODA compliance.

In November 2018, a new video was released, this time for a different audience — school board members and administrators, policy makers, and parents. This video — entitled “Type 1 Diabetes: Rights and Responsibilities” was created in a similar style to those in the series, but with a more mature, authoritative tone and visual style.

As of Spring 2021, the series has received over 100K views combined, with the first video alone currently at 24K views.


Watch all videos of the Diabetes @ School Video Series

“We couldn’t be happier with your team. Such creativity, plus they have a great grasp on the issue.”

Director, Communications & Knowledge TranslationCanadian Paediatric Society