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Together with Dr. Mike Evans — also known as the “Whiteboard Doctor” — we are combatting sitting disease by starting a movement around the notion of making your day harder. “Instead of driving around the parking lot for 10 minutes trying to find that spot 10 feet closer,” he says, “can we just park farther away in the spot reserved for people who want to live longer and have a higher quality of life?” Pivot joined the project team to drive and design a comprehensive campaign based on Doc Mike’s original “Let’s Make our Day Harder” whiteboard video.


By leveraging the latest medical research and by working closely with a patient advocate from Patients Canada, we created a humourous campaign rooted in realistic excuses that each and every one of us faces when trying to become more active and fight the effects of sitting disease.

Each excuse on the website features series of tips that can help you Tweak your Week and start moving. The website also encourages users to share how you’re joining the movement and getting active with the hashtag #makeyourdayharder.


This project brought physicians, designers, filmmakers and illustrators together to start a campaign around the Make Your Day Harder video.

We garnered 10 million impressions on the site less than a week after its launch! As the campaign grows, we hope to bring more sponsors on board to continue encouraging individuals and families to tweak their weeks and get active.


Visit the campaign website and watch the youtube video: