An Annual Report shows the value of Partnerships


George Brown College


Qualitative Research


Visual Design

Annual Report Design



In 2016, the George Brown College (GBC) annual report needed to reinforce the impression among readers that GBC is an ideal partner to all those involved in supporting student success:

  • industry
  • donors and funders
  • academic institutions and
  • all levels of government — all of whom play a role in supporting student success.

We developed the title “More Than You Expect” in reference to the many services and benefits George Brown is bringing its partners. Many of these benefits are things that  one would never have guessed would come from a college. Working closely with a photographer to develop and shoot the style we brought this concept to life.

Another unique challenge was the request to create a modular design to allow for content to be repurposed in future years. The solution was a central insert booklet to showcase all of the timeless stories about partnerships with the college. A removable jacket containing time-specific information like statistics, donor lists, and financials was also designed for the piece.


Not only does the annual report showcase how the college is fulfilling its mandate to provide high-quality education and workplace readiness for a diverse student body but it also the resulting design of the dynamic report and jacket together tell an impressive story of George Brown College and it’s partnerships.