Improved Usability, Design and Marketing for a Tracking App


CDHF – Canadian Digestive Health Foundation


Qualitative Research


Expert Evaluation

Information Architecture

Wireframing, Moodboards

Visual Design

App Design & Development

Promotional Video Trailer



Tracking data is one thing, but how do you make the data meaningful? And how do you share this information with your doctor as evidence for a diagnosis? And on the flip-side, how can physicians use the same tool to foster better patient adherence?

The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that caters to the 20 million Canadians with digestive disorders. Their existing tracking app though functional, was not engaging to users and was not fulfilling the CDHF’s original mandate of helping patient-to-physician communication. Pivot was tasked with solving this critical engagement problem.


By redesigning the GI BodyGuard app with a brand new reporting feature we were able to better the communication pathway between patients and their gastroenterologists.

An overhaul of the visual design of the app allowed us to create a better branded look and feel ensuring that it helped give the organization a better presence and overall ownership of the tool.

Along with the app design, we created two pop-up banners and an app trailer video as promotional tools for the CDHF and for the app.


Within weeks after its primary launch to the Google Playstore, the new Gi Bodyguard app was downloaded over 100 times. And before official promotions for the new iPhone app had begun, the new design received 4-star ratings in the Appstore.

As downloads increase, the app continues to garner downloads and help alleviate the communication boundaries between doctors and patients. With our work with the CDHF we are effectively helping patients all over North America to cope with and tackle digestive disease.


View the App Trailer

“Thanks for the Gi Bodyguard iPhone app. I have found it very useful in tracking my foods, meds and symptoms as I was recently diagnosed with acid reflux. Thanks to all the developers for their efforts!”

App User

“I love your App for recording my gastric symptoms following complicated hernia surgery, gall bladder removal, and repetitive infections from January to August. I was able to take concrete evidence of 3 months of diarrhea. I thought the poop chart was a bunch of crap – not really; just kidding. It helped me to articulate my symptoms with accuracy. I thank you for this app. Keeping a paper chart was hit or miss, but I ALWAYS have my phone with me. Thank you for this user-friendly, great health tracking system. P.S. I saw my GI yesterday and he took down the app info to share with other patients. Keep up the good work. Your service is appreciated!”

App User

“Thank you so much for this app!! I’ve just been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and found this app great! I love the reminders for my meds as I’m on so many! Also great to track pain but really like that I can keep track of my food and water intake. It’s brilliant!”

App User