A Multi-platform, National Campaign Empowers an Industry


Unifor the Union


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Visual Design

Campaign Deployment



Unifor, Canada’s largest private sector union, wanted to raise awareness for the hard work that goes into producing professional journalism. Pivot worked collaboratively with Stratcom, a communications firm, and Unifor to recommend and develop strategic messaging, a cohesive brand, and engaging applications for the campaign and its launch.


JournalismIs was a campaign born from the need to better define and validate the importance of trusted, ethical reporting. We collaborated with Unifor’s journalist stakeholders to devise a set of 10 journalistic principles that were each crafted to be highlighted on an advertisement. These principles act as a manifesto or declaration to create awareness for the industry. They enable Unifor to gather partners and sponsors to get behind the campaign and grow its reach across Canada.

By enabling media organizations to put their own journalists into the advertisements, we made it more enticing for them to promote JournalismIs.

We helped guide the client towards creating a clear message and visual style for the JournalismIs campaign. Our full range of deliverablesincluded:

  • Print advertisements
  • A declaration poster with Unifor’s principles of professional journalism
  • Web ads
  • Campaign video ad
  • Campaign styleguide for sponsor rollout
  • Launch materials (buttons, banners, presentation design)


Over 100 of Unifor’s sponsors and partners attended the campaign launch at the Ryerson School of Journalism. At launch sponsors included: Unifor, The Canadian Association of Journalists, Newspapers Canada, CWA Canada, Ryerson School of Journalism, The Toronto Star, Bell Media, the Globe & Mail and the list continues to grow.


Watch the JournalismIS campaign ad.


Official campaign press release.