Designing Accessible Brand Guidelines for an Enterprise Organization




Qualitative Research

User Interviews



Visual UI Design



OpenText is an international enterprise software company with more than 3,800 employees and 114 million users worldwide. As a growing global company, it has been a challenge for OpenText to maintain brand consistency across its many corporate products.

With an intranet database underway to house the brand, UI, and usage style guides for the entire organization, OpenText was looking for help with making the guidelines accessible to their users:

  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Product Managers
  • Technical QA
  • Writers


Using the Informed Design process to interview and survey OpenText users across the globe, our research gave way to concrete page layout and interaction design recommendations as well as IA and design guidance. The final design templates that we provided are not only consistent with the OpenText brand look and feel, but also cater to the many needs of their various users.

The familiarity of brand ensures that all users globally are immediately comfortable with the look and feel of the new Intranet site and they can easily navigate from section to section to find what they are looking for in their specific day-to-day needs.

“The Pivot team delivered value and high-quality work for us quickly that included visual and interaction design as well as user interface development assistance. It has been a real pleasure working with the Pivot team and I look forward to having positive experiences with them again in the near future.”

Visual Design Creative DirectorOpenText Corporation

“My experiences working with Pivot Design Group have been successful and fulfilling. Their user-centered design mantra helped to focus our efforts quickly by solving challenging design problems with compelling and provocative interface design solutions.”

Visual Design Creative DirectorOpenText Corporation