Using Gamification to Educate Adults about Recycling


Oxford Properties


Qualitative Research

Information Architecture



Visual Design

App Design & Development



Oxford Properties Group manages and owns office buildings in Toronto. As part of their sustainability mandate, they found that often occupants were mixing up their waste articles (garbage, recycling and organic wastes). So a recycling engagement program was in order.

Using iPads at onsite kiosks in their Toronto buildings, they turned to Pivot to design the gamified app.


Using the basic premise of “Do you know what can and cannot be recycled in your building?” the game engaged occupants through delightful animations and sounds to sort through garbage and drag recyclable items into the appropriate bin as a test of knowledge but also a means to educate.

Based on our research, we defined the rules and features of the game play as well as the scoring mechanism. We came up with a fun yet professional visual style and overall colour scheme to match the Oxford Properties brand. With the visual style in place, we perfected the game to maximize the user experience in the game play.


The game proved very popular and the success of the recycling campaign kiosk was extended to additional Oxford buildings throughout the GTA for several years.