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At time-sensitive kiosk locations, TD was struggling with their credit card acquisitions because of issues with a manual, paper-based system to gather sign-ups.


Prior to design, Pivot underwent a rapid field research assessment to observe and understand the environment at the kiosk location. We successfully designed and launched TD’s first iPad app for use in a location-specific kiosk environment.

We successfully designed a new digital workflow that would satisfy the tight legal requirements of the credit card acquisition process. We also worked with on-location partners to work through wifi constraints at various locations.

The success of the pilot prompted the TD team to engage with Pivot again and again over many years to design and implement the acquisition app for multiple kiosks in many environments across Canada: Airports, Malls, and AutoShows.


The original paper acquisition form took customers 10-20 minutes to complete. Our new iPad app focused on ease of use, ergonomics, and better presentation of information and thus allowed people to complete the form in just 2-5 minutes.

TD reported an immediate increase in completed credit card applications with our newly digitized solution — the number of completed applications more than doubled in a timeframe of just one month.

“It was a pleasure working with the Pivot team. We have seen a material lift in the number of Canadian applications since introducing the iPads at the Buffalo Airport in March.”

Assistant Product Manager, Engagement & RetentionTD Credit Cards

“You and your team did a fantastic job ( as expected) throughout the entire planning, development and testing process. There has been a lot of positive feedback on the application internally from executives and business partners as it will increase the customer experience for onsite acquisition. There are already talks of leveraging the application for other programs that could potentially include an onsite acquisition component.”

Product Manager, Digital AcquisitionTD Credit Cards