Giving Therapists a Tool to Prescribe Better Stroke Rehab Care


Toronto Rehab Institute


Qualitative Research

User Interviews


Information Architecture


Algorithm Design


Visual Design

App Development



A group of elite physical rehabilitation experts had compiled new recommendations to use when prescribing therapies for stroke patients. The groups’ problem was how to make this new evidence easily accessible to practicing therapists around the world.

Pivot was invited to join the team to create an app and underlying algorithm that would create a seamless navigation of useful and relevant stroke rehab options for therapists.

Working closely with the expert team, we interviewed therapists and developed user personas as the backbone for the user experience design. We refined their existing bare bones algorithm and created a streamlined, easy to use experience with a core group of features for the app:

  • Describe your patient’s needs (as they relate to mobility and severity of the stroke rehabilitation)
  • Come up with a list of relevant, evidence-based therapies
  • Allow users to get more information about the therapy and how to use it
  • Allow users to see expert ratings on how effective the therapy is


Because of Pivot’s work on the design and app logic and the unique filtering features— we have revolutionized the way therapists worldwide decide on what therapies to use with their patients.

Now therapists around the world have a way to quickly and easily access the expert advice and evidence-based recommendations to prescribe appropriate therapies for their stroke patients.


With the successful launch of the VIAtherapy app, we are set to design and develop more apps in this series for the Toronto Rehab Institue.


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