Last week we hosted our biggest DesignMeets event to date (our 22nd event!), with over 200 attendees and some fantastic conversations about design thinking in healthcare.

Think back to the last time you sat endlessly in a clinic waiting room or stood in line waiting to be served at a pharmacy. More likely than not, you can imagine ways that these experiences could be quicker, more engaging, or easier for you as a patient.

Your experiences reflect an ongoing endeavor in healthcare to build efficient systems and integrate new technologies in order to better engage patients and motivate healthcare providers with a view toward making the experiences better for all involved.

And, all of this is couched in the question: how can we do more with less?… Read the whole article here!


DesignMeets is an initiative of Pivot Design Group, created to bring together Canadian designers from a variety of disciplines. The events engage designers in an open forum to exchange ideas and improve our design industry so that we may build stronger relationships with business.

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