Who’d want to tear apart an industrial design thing of beauty like the new Apple MacBook Air? As it turns out, fixit.com does.

In fact, fixit’s experts dismantle (and thus reconstruct) technology all the time, using a well documented step-by-step method. They’ve reverse engineered everything from Nokia phones to Xbox, cars, cameras and even toasters. Today, they dissected a Google TV. The raw power implicit infixit.com’s mission is that the site enables individuals to repair their own stuff, increase the life-span of consumer products, and thus reduce the flow of e-trash into landfills. The fixit.com community also has a contributors’ platform where users can earn badges for being “tear-down citizens.” By offering free repair manuals and access to rare parts, fixit lives its mission to “fix the planet.” Check out how they live their core purpose and links to the harvesting of e-junk in Asia:


The United Nations Environmental Program

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