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Framing experiences that delight and inform

PIVOT’s experience design services create quality experiences for people by upgrading their interactions with their products, services and systems. We empower organizations to boost their customer operations and heighten their user experiences.

User Experience Design (UXD)

At PIVOT, we design products and services with the complete user experience in mind, using empathy to look beyond usability and function to consider all the relevant contexts of each individual interaction.


Service Design

Service Design identifies areas of friction and opportunity in your service flow to inform program development, service and interaction design upgrades, improve employee and customer experience, and more.

Service Design with PIVOT

Brand Design

PIVOT’s Informed Design process ensures the visual design of your brand is an accurate representation of what you stand for and resonates with your audience.

Brand Design with PIVOT

How We Work With You

We're Informed

Before we think about aesthetics, we search for Design Evidence™, the design research we conduct at the outset of every project. Our research provides you with new perspectives on key audiences, marketplaces, and contexts of use, leading to broader thinking, more targeted design strategy, and more impactful design results. It also contributes to better business solutions, providing you and your stakeholders with Design Evidence™ to guide the decision-making of products, services, and future investments.

We're Involved

Our people-centric approach involves both target audiences and project stakeholders in a collaborative design process, as you and our designers work together through an iterative process of expanded thinking and discovery. Your stakeholders become a critical source of knowledge and insight, while your end users become our source for inspiration and innovation. This approach increases awareness, builds loyalty, and encourages action and positive engagements between people and your products, brands, and services.

We're Effective

By investigating your organization, audience, marketplace, and contexts of use, our solutions are grounded in research and targeted to meet both business goals and user needs. Whether you are launching a new product or service, seeking to connect with audiences via mobile devices, arming your sales team, or taking your social message to the streets, our team works tirelessly to design solutions that stay true to the brief while creating meaningful and effective experiences for your audience.

Diagnosing patients without a doctor is the stuff of science fiction. Pivot’s wealth of expertise in design research, user experience, and interaction design helped us achieve the impossible. Their informed design approach and creativity helped us translate medical diagnostic algorithms into meaningful user experiences.”

Medical Director, Cloud DX

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