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Service Design

PIVOT’s service design helps organizations to gain a holistic perspective of all of the touchpoints and experiences around a product and service delivery. It’s a thorough process that can lead to improving the quality of the user experience by gaining an understanding of all of the layers within the big picture of the service delivery.

User Personas

Creating and validating audience archetypes. These become artefacts for a holistic project understanding and are revisited again and again.

Journey Maps

A visual representation of user journeys based on the research findings. Gaining a better understanding of the user perspectives; how and why do people experience the things that they do.

Service Blueprints

A holistic look and deep dive into the user journey to understand the gaps and opportunities in the delivery of the service by you, the organization.

Landscape Review

Looking both inside and outside of your domain to see how others are communicating to the audience. Setting the baseline for the design.

Material Audit

A scan and audit of your existing communications and materials with a UX lens to understand what you are doing well and where there is room for improvement.

Field Research

Site visits and walk-throughs allow us to gain a more in depth perspective of the experience through the user’s eyes.

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