How a Content Strategy Asks the Right Questions

Informed Design

Developing a content strategy that delivers results is not rocket science. However, there is a tiny bit of science involved…if you consider counting a science. But before delving into the depths of how counting can help you develop a smart content strategy, let’s ensure we are speaking the same language. In recent years, the term … Read More

Look-alike Logos

Pivot Etc.

In today’s crowded media environment, we’re all exposed to the same shapes, colours and designs. While it’s important to distinguish your brand from others, designing a unique logo isn’t always easy thanks to these similar spheres of influence. Across industries, and amongst companies big and small, Northern Irish design blogger David Airey profiles some of … Read More

Unifor: The big unveil

News & Events

Pivot is very eager to finally publicly announce our involvement with Strategic Communications, the Canadian Auto Workers Union and the Communications, Energy and Paperworks Union of Canada. Over the past several months we have been working side by side with great people to go through our informed design process and create a new name and brand identity for … Read More

Congratulations to LHC on the launch of their new brand & website

News & Events

Congratulations, Life Health Consulting (LHC), on the launch of your new brand and website! By conducting a Pivot Compass Session, we were able to gain a thorough understanding of LHC’s audience needs and business goals. With this new-found knowledge, Pivot’s designers were better armed to create a brand identity program, web design and communication collateral … Read More

Announcement: Morneau Shepell Rebrand

News & Events

Over the past several months we’ve had the pleasure of working on the rebrand of Morneau Shepell with Instinct Brand Equity. From design research and brainstorming periods aimed at visualizing the brand foundation, to work sessions with key Morneau Shepell stakeholders to nail down the colour schema, typography and image style — the coming together of … Read More

Pound for Change with Pencils for Kids and George Brown

Informed Design

Pencils for Kids is an all-volunteer, grassroots Canadian charity whose vision is to make a difference in the world by providing every child the opportunity for an education. Pencils for Kids partners with a community in Niger, Africa called Liboré. Since 2005, Pivot has been working closely with Robin Mednick, the Founder and Executive Director … Read More

Pearson Airport Gets a Facelift

Informed Design

Toronto Pearson International Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in North America, handling over 31 million passengers and 419,044 aircraft movements in 2010. This past Tuesday, Toronto Pearson International Airport unveiled a new identity.