Pivot on Friends

Pivot Etc.

A friend recently told us how the name ‘Pivot’ reminded her of this clip from Friends. Of course, after having a good long laugh, we had to include it on our etc feed. Enjoy!

Oh what a night…

News & Events

Pivot’s first event was a real success! On Tuesday, November 16th we hosted our first design mixer. We worked with Rob Curedale and the Design Foundation to round up designers in the greater Toronto area to meet and discuss the topic of Design Research. We had designers from Architecture, Academia, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, UX, Social … Read More

A great animated short titled Pivot

Pivot Etc.

Right from the opening credits this short had us hooked. It’s got great visual style and an exciting storyline. This animated short, by filmmakers from the Netherlands, is winner of several awards and is a must watch… of course, we love the title of the film too!

Support Bike Sharing in Toronto

Pivot Etc.

Bike Sharing Toronto:  Support Toronto’s bid to finally join the rest of the world in offering a Bike Sharing service. We need only 1000 people to sign-up with pledges of $95 by November 30th to make it official! Support a bike friendly Toronto. Visit www.toronto.bixi.com

GoogleMaps without any of the usual landforms

Pivot Etc.

Check out a Map… without the map. Essentially, ‘Fata Morgana (2010)’ is a site that uses GoogleMaps without any of the usual landforms. It’s interesting to see how meaningful (or meaningless) our naming conventions and symbols are when these are the only things you have to orient yourself. Try it out. How quickly can you find Azarbayjan … Read More


Pivot Etc.

A great way to share uninterrupted conversations: the PHONEKERCHIEF actually blocks phone signals. Brought to you by the clever people at thewayweseetheworld.com

Augmented Reality

Pivot Etc.

Augmented Reality brings a shadowy fantasy land to life “Users interact with the project using blocks, which are followed by realistic, shadowy animations of houses. These appear to emanate from a single source of light—but are actually projected from overhead. Then things get interesting: As the shadows touch, they set off a series of interactions, … Read More