Design as a Strategic Driver of Business: 5-Part Series

Informed Design

Since about 2004, the concept of “design thinking” as a problem-solving tool has been embraced—and in some cases rejected—by the business world. Both Stanford and the Rotman School of Management offer Design Thinking courses in their business programs. In 2009, Business Week published a list of “promising programs from design and business schools from around … Read More

Always a pleasure, Tufte’s Rules

Pivot Etc.

Edward Tufte’s 10 Rules of information design is something that should be in every designer’s (giant) back pocket, but it can never hurt to brush up on some basic rules, especially when they’re as informative as these.

Meeting Tools: A Look at What We Use and Share

Informed Design

As we worked to find out more about the origins of meetings in our History of Meetings research poster, we realized that though the reasons, and settings may have changed, the underlying way people met was pretty well consistent across the board. They come, they meet/discuss/brainstorm/share, they assign next steps, they leave (and repeat). Within … Read More

Meetings of the Past & Present

Informed Design

Always on the look out for visualizing interesting data, this time we turned our research-eye on meetings. How have they changed and progressed over the years? Was there a first ever meeting? When was it? What was it for? So many questions! As we researched further and further back in time, our list of meetings … Read More

Looking back on Communication Firsts

Informed Design

We’re often so caught up in our day-to-day activities that we hardly have the time to stop and consider how we are communicating and where our methods and devices come from. Here is a timeline of a few communication firsts, how they were used and, in some cases, the length of time it took to … Read More