Pivot meets EDIT DX: Health Work Session

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Pivot was excited to be a part of EDIT DX's Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology. The event was hosted inside the abandoned Unilever soap factory located at the foot of the DVP in Toronto.  This was where people came from all walks of life to experience new ways of thinking and ideas for an innovative [...]

ViaTherapy Featured…

Pivot Etc.
The Newcastle Herald featured ViaTherapy on their website. Pivot has helped the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and The Heart & Stroke Foundation Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery design an app for occupational and physical therapists. Therapists can use ViaTherapy to learn about the latest therapies, recall established therapies, and create a customized rehabilitation plan for their patients. Read the case study here. [...]

Pivot at Health Innovation Week

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Pivot's Ian Chalmers presented at a Special Edition of HealthTO as part of Health Innovation Week on April 6, 2017. Take a look at him showing the crowd what Pivot does best and how informed design can help change the face of healthcare in a variety of ways. Be sure to check out Toronto Health Innovation [...]

ViaTherapy: A New App for Occupational and Physical Therapists

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We’re excited to announce the official launch of ViaTherapy — a new native app for iOS and Android! Toronto Rehab Institute (TRI) assembled a research panel to study rehabilitation methods for stroke patients with upper extremity impairments. The team created an evidence-based algorithm—or clinical pathway—to help physical therapists choose the best treatments for their patients. … Read More

The Age of Accessibility

Informed Design

It’s 2017 and the internet is everywhere. But for many Ontarians with disabilities, it remains largely inaccessible. That’s why the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act features guidelines to ensure all people can navigate the web with ease. And by 2021, websites for both private organizations and public institutions need to meet the World Wide … Read More

Usable Innovation

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“No-one should have to suffer through products and services that get in their way. People should not be made to feel stupid by technology.” –worldusabilityday.com 2015   This year’s theme for World Usability Day is Innovation. A theme that, in the design industry, could actually be talked about a little less, in our humble opinion! It seems … Read More

Pivot’s probes on DesignMeets…Financial Services

Informed Design

On October 8th we hosted DesignMeets… Financial Services — our 21st event in just 5 years. With 6 incredible speakers talking about advancements in the financial services and #fintech space, it’s amazing to think that only “31% of Canadians use mobile banking to manage their day-to-day transactions” (Canadian Bankers Association). Design has infiltrated the industry, but why … Read More

Why all media outlets need to start thinking about UX design

Informed Design

Media is everywhere and everything We’re in the era of infinite media, says blogger and strategist Steve Grey. At a time when anyone can create and disseminate information freely, how do we design products that keep audiences paying for their news? It’s a question nearly all media organizations face as emerging communications technologies continue to … Read More

Pivot Prototypes: Mapping Your Healthcare Journey

Informed Design

Pivot Prototypes is a video series that explores the “what if’s” of our world. The seed of each idea comes from a conversation that starts with “What if…” and ends with “Wouldn’t it be great if…” We can prototype for organizational teams, project managers, start-ups and more. Prototyping helps bring focus to the key user interactions … Read More

UX Trends for 2015

Informed Design

1. Microinteractions Gone are the days of lengthy, text-only blog articles and static media for static bystanders. Audiences are consuming information in little snapshots. Today, readers feel that if they glance at a headline they are informed of what’s important. Proliferated by our 140 character tweets and fast-changing Facebook newsfeeds, content will now be distilled … Read More