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A Unified Brand System for a Growing Organization

Modern Niagara Group is one of the largest mechanical contracting groups in Canada.


With rapid growth through the acquisition of smaller companies, Modern Niagara Group (MNG) had the problem of bringing their newly acquired companies under the MNG brand. The acquired companies had their own brand identities and needed to gain MNG equity but without a consistent brand foundation, look, and feel. They felt disconnected as an organization and their clients could sense the confusion. MNG came to PIVOT for brand unification and a common messaging platform for all current and future new acquisitions.


PIVOT used design research methods to understand and restructure the brand hierarchy to include a nationwide umbrella brand (Modern Niagara Group) with two main divisions: Eastern and Western.

The brand structure reinforces MNG’s existing industry reputation while creating a useful hierarchy for divisions and their sub-brands as well as providing endorsement of third-party brands and their differing capabilities. By ensuring consistency, PIVOT has provided the organization with a support platform as it pursues growth in new business lines and markets.

Making a change to our brand was a big step for our company to take, but Pivot Design Group’s research-based and collaborative approach made it a very positive and educational experience. Pivot’s process caused us to examine our visual identity for the first time and to fully understand the power that a well-researched and thoughtfully designed identity can have. We are thrilled with our new identity and empowered by having a documented brand system and brand book.”

CEO, Modern Niagara Group Inc.