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The Human Microbiome: Storytelling and Motion Graphics Make Info Easier to Digest

The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF) supports the millions of Canadians suffering from digestive disorders. The CDHF wanted to launch a video series to educate Canadians about the human microbiome — an innovative new area of research in the field of digestive health and medicine.


As a relatively new field of research, the CDHF focused the series on a specific audience – those in caregiver roles – to educate them about the importance of having a healthy microbiome. Healthcare providers would also be able to use the videos as teaching aids for their patients on this emerging topic.

We celebrate this new educational, easy way of learning about the essential role that the gut flora plays in our overall health.”

Gut Microbiota Watch


With whimsical illustrations, the concept of “your microbiome as your superheroes” was born. PIVOT’s approach to storytelling included: research, script-writing, storyboarding, illustration, sourcing voice over, and overall concept creation for these compelling and user-friendly videos.


The video series is bright, upbeat and refreshingly kitschy. It conveys information about the human microbiome in a simple, yet comprehensive manner and always relates back to the CDHF brand.

From the opening comments to the closing credits, our new Microbiome video series is a hit. The PIVOT team took complex, scientific concepts and translated them into a fun, clear and non-intimidating script with a supporting cast of loveable characters. These "super-heroes" now charm and educate our diverse target audiences. We’re proud of our newest videos and believe they strongly support our position as experts in a new and important area of health and science.”

Executive Director, Canadian Digestive Health Foundation