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Helping a Blockchain Startup Speak to Their Audience

UREEQA is a technology startup whose goal is to provide creators a faster, cheaper, and more reliable alternative to traditional copyright registration.


UREEQA has a unique value proposition: provide an alternative to traditional copyright registration by leveraging the blockchain to allow artists, writers, photographers and other creators to create permanent, public, timestamped records of their finished work or work in progress. UREEQA is also finding ways to use their technology in industries like law, finance and government. The challenge was communicating all of this to a diverse, non-technical audience simply and effectively.


When we first engaged UREEQA, there wasn’t much consistency around their visuals, photography, or illustration style. The messaging was overly technical and assumed that the audience was knowledgeable about blockchain. It didn’t clearly communicate what UREEQA did and who they were as a company.

We worked with the UREEQA leadership team to create a brand vision document that outlined the company’s values, their core purpose and their brand mission. This created alignment internally about who the company was and how that should be messaged. We also conducted sessions with stakeholders and existing clients to gain insight into their needs. These sessions formed the basis for UREEQA’s new visual identity.

Their existing palette only utilized the two colours in the logo - blue and yellow. The application of these two colours side by side resulted in areas of intense contrast that didn’t feel appropriate for the brand. To remedy this, broadened the range of colours and adjusted the original blue and yellow to better complement the newly-expanded palette. The colour scheme was applied to a new illustration and icon style that could be used across the website and the UREEQA platform as well as in their educational videos. We created two variations of this visual style: one that was consumer-facing and one that was business-facing.

Though it wasn’t within the scope of the project to redesign the logo, we did update it with the colours from our new palette.

Drawing from the insights of our user interviews at the beginning of the project, we created a new information architecture that served as the framework for the new website. This framework was translated into wireframes and, combined with UREEQA's new brand, a visual design for the new website.


Pivot worked with UREEQA to tell their story in a way that was user-centric, rather than blockchain-centric. The result was a website that articulated what UREEQA does in a way that doesn't require Blockchain knowledge to understand.


Pivot’s work on the Brand and Website Design also included:

  • A video for creators about how UREEQA can help them

    • Pivot worked with the UREEQA team to craft a script that would outline to creators why it is important to prove and validate their creations in the digital space

    • We developed a look and feel and illustrative style for the video reflective of the new brand

    • A storyboard was crafted which would inform the animated visuals to accompany the voiceover

  • A brand style guide

  • A slide deck for use in investor presentations