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Infotility: An Educational and Supportive Infertility Treatment Companion App

The research team at the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) engaged PIVOT to design a digital tool for patients exploring infertility treatment in a clinical setting.


PIVOT began with an audit and review of the previous research and patient-facing educational information that the client team had drafted. At the time, most online infertility information was found to be presented in a very academic style, so the new digital tool would need to present the material with empathy while being helpful, accurate and reliable.

A wide range of topics needed to be covered including medical information, treatment options, and health and wellness support. PIVOT was also tasked with including a peer support chat function in the app design.


Recognizing that each person/couple experiencing infertility would be at different types and stages of treatment, PIVOT worked with the JGH research team to create a unique navigation system in the app to support the different user needs.

The content was organized into categories and subcategories under two umbrellas: Educational information, and Actionable information. The content was also segregated into gender-specific areas of content to be more relevant to all users.

Each article in the app was custom illustrated to add clarity to the ideas.

In designing the visual style and “Infotility” logo, PIVOT created a look and feel that would resonate with both all genders — avoiding stereotypical colours often found in the marketplace.

The tool also features a full glossary of terms along with a secure peer mentor forum where users can ask questions and take part in conversations within the Infotility community.