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Making Private Land Accessible to Outdoor Enthusiasts through a Secure Digital Platform

Rigel Properties Inc. came to PIVOT with an idea for an app that could connect outdoor enthusiasts with landowners—giving them exclusive access to hunt and fish on private land, and allowing both the landowners and farmers to benefit.


In speaking with those who would eventually use the app, we identified some key challenges. The main concern for landowners was security, in both the technological and physical senses. For hunters and anglers, we found there could be a challenge around technology adoption.

PIVOT immersed itself in the world of hunting, fishing, and land stewardship by interviewing three different groups of people—hunters, anglers, and landowners. From these interviews we distilled our key findings into a recommended functionality list to incorporate into the app.


From an “outsider’s” perspective to this space, we conducted a comprehensive review of the current landscape to establish our frames of reference both inside and outside the marketplace. We looked at onboarding strategies, the process of setting up a listing for a landlord or landowner, listing content, GPS and land mapping, along with animal migration patterns and other items.

Given the challenges and concerns that came up in the interviews, especially around security and safety, the PIVOT team knew that communication and a cohesive brand voice would be imperative to the app’s success.

Landowner screens
Renter screens (Hunters & Anglers)

Alongside the design and development of the app, we were also tasked with developing a brand identity that would appeal to our target audiences—outdoor enthusiasts and landowners.

To kick off the branding work, we conducted a work session to facilitate a series of creative brainstorming exercises with the Rigel team and to establish the key components for the Brand Foundation.

As part of the branding process, PIVOT developed the name for the app “MyLandPass” (which would later become "LandPass"), the visual identity, and the brand voice all of which would be used together across the app and all other related materials.


The LandPass app is now available for iOS.