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A New Identity and Web Presence for a Growing Family of Brands

As NeuPath Health Inc. was expanding its footprint through the acquisition of medical clinics and virtual care services across Canada, it required a new identity and website to bring into alignment all of its businesses as one cohesive family of brands.


PIVOT was simultaneously working on the design of their patient-facing app myBeam, involving an extensive discovery phase of learning about chronic pain, patients, care providers and the goals of the organization. Out of this we had developed a visual look and feel for the app that the new NeuPath identity would need to be aligned with – yet distinct from – representing both NeuPath’s patient-facing clinic brands and their corporate and B2B brands.

Along with the new identity, NeuPath required a new website that would consolidate five separate sites into one, addressing distinct user groups with very different priorities – including patients, investors, B2B services, and healthcare providers. An added challenge was integrating the acquired businesses who would now be adopting the new logo, without causing confusion for their existing clientele. Recently acquired HealthPointe Medical Centres in Alberta, for example, had a strong brand presence and client base with a robust website that would now be integrated with NeuPath’s.


The logo was designed to move away from their previous corporate logo to something that would evoke a more inviting, “wellness” feel, with an abstracted hummingbird symbolizing the feelings of positivity, lightness, and independence their patients aspire to. The shared logo graphic and typeface visually connect the parent brand and all eight sub-brands as one cohesive family.

NeuPath logo redesign
logo redesign before (left) and after (right)

The complete family of brands and new colour palette

This visual connection between the NeuPath brands became all the more critical as we developed the new website, which contains four sub-sites to address the key user groups we had identified: patients, healthcare providers, investors and corporate businesses. The branding became the thread that ties the four areas together as one cohesive website. Within the patient area of the site, beacause services differ between their Eastern and Western Canada locations, geolocation identifies where the user is located and serves up content most relevant to them.

Patient site (left) and investor site (right)

To support the need for educational material for both patients and providers, an animated video was created to introduce the condition known as chronic pain in an accessible, optimistic manner. The audience follows an individual on a metaphorical journey as he learns about the biological, psychological and social driving factors behind chronic pain, the idea of a comprehensive care team, and the importance of self management.


NeuPath Health, Inc. now has a cohesive family of brands living under one roof on their new website. Features have been developed to address key barriers to care and now allow patients to complete a self-assessment form on the site, and book an appointment without a referral from their doctor. The site also provides educational resources for referring physicians around the diagnosis and care of chronic pain patients, addressing an identified gap in understanding and potentially increasing quality of care in the community. Pivot has established an ongoing relationship with NeuPath and continues to further refine the website and roll out new content and features as they become available.